Better Governor Conference - The Governance of Inclusion in 2021 (Recorded April 2021)

The Governance of Inclusion in 2021

This Better Governor online conference explored governors’ strategic oversight of inclusion in our schools, in the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdowns and partial school closures. Our speakers focused on key aspects of provision from the perspective of what those in governance need to know.


Our Better Governor, Governance experts; Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn, hosted this important conference.


Keynote Speaker:      


Professor Becky Francis - Chief Executive Officer, The Education Endowment Foundation.


The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement.  EEF conducts and commissions research across the education sector and has been active throughout the pandemic.  Becky led a session titled “Supporting the Achievement of Disadvantaged Pupils.” She explored what research evidence tells us of the impact of Covid 19 on pupil progress and suggest how this can inform governance questions relating to improving the educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.


Focussed sessions:              


Daniel Sobel - Chief Executive Officer, Inclusion Expert


Daniel led a session on narrowing the attainment gap and maximising inclusion. Daniel outlined common inclusion mistakes, themes and simple solutions to overcome them. The session is based on his best-selling book 'Narrowing the Attainment Gap – a handbook for schools’. Attendees were given many practical suggestions for narrowing the gap in his inimitable, refreshing and entertaining style.




Katie Aldred - Headteacher Bagshot Infant School


Katie’s session “Inclusion for all”  focused on how her school has responded to its changing context over the past five years and how it is planning to utilise its extensive range of provision and staffing expertise to address the challenges that Covid-19, and the related partial school closures, have presented for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Inclusion lies at the heart of her school and manifests itself in many ways.


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