Strategic Priorities and the School Development Plan Webinar (August 2020)

Strategic Priorities and the School Development Plan

This webinar explored the relationship between schools’ strategic priorities and their school development plan. Reflecting the statutory role of governance defined in the core function of ‘Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction’ we focused on the role of governance in agreeing strategic priorities and ensuring they are driving school improvement. We explored how School Development Plans will evolve to reflect the steps that schools are taking to identify, and then address,  any gaps in pupils’ learning and personal development that may have emerged  during the Covid-19 lockdown. We also discussed how SDP priorities are shaped by self-evaluation and in the absence of published pupil performance data this autumn, what for those in governance should expect this to take.


This webinar will be facilitated by our two governance experts, Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn and will be a mix of input from them, together with opinion polls and the opportunity to ask your own questions


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